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Adventure time season 5 episode 5

adventure time season 5 episode 5

August 29, 2011 Finn enters a wizard battle to stop Ice King from winning a kiss from Princess Bubblegum.
January 7, 2013 77 Jake finds fatherhood challenging.April 23, 2015 After a chilling dream encounter, Finn Jake are determined to reconnect with their reclusive brother.21 21 Donny TBA 692-018 August 9, 2010 Finn and Jake help a bullying grass ogre named Donny turn his life around, without realizing the ecological damage they may be causing in the process.June 3, 2015 After a walrus race accident, Gunther starts to experience strange visions.Season 7: On July 25, 2014, the series was renewed for a seventh season.
Horse and Ball.

January 31, 2011 Finn and Jake meet a dying frog-turned gnome knight who is bestowed upon three seeds; two of them are good, one is bad, and he vowed that they will never be planted.120 16 Puhoy.Code Airdate 267 1 The Wild Hunt.76 282 TBA September 17, A fierce creature is terrorizing the Candy Kingdom but before Finn can slay the beast, he must pool live tour cue hack software first overcome a guilty conscience.April 23, 2016 Finn starts having guilt nightmares about his missing Finn t are the nightmares real?175 19 Is That You?Now, Finn must help the real Box Prince reclaim his rightful throne.170 Adam Muto has also confirmed that season 6 will feature more episodes than a standard season, but fewer episodes than the entirety of season.January 10, 2011 Finn must obtain a lock of a princess's hair to save Jake from being sucked into a balding tree witch's butt.October 7, Finn meets the Box Prince (a cat with a box on its back) and discovers the Box Kingdom has been taken over by an imposter.January 27, 2014 Finn wants to be trained in sword fighting by an old gumball robot named Rattleballs, who lives in the junkyard.June 5, With a friendly bee named "Breezy" as his wingman, Finn decides to get back into the dating game.
108 4 Up a Tree.
Later, the two fought to see what kind of movie genre they shall release.