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Alvida drama episode 1

alvida drama episode 1

Hadi and Haya's Taya (Hadi's father) are seen discussing the situation which Haya is facing.
Haya and Rameez become good friends and Rameez even proposes to Haya.
He cuts the cake and suddenly Fareesa naruto shippuden episode sasuke vs danzo appears.Rameez takes her to the hospital.Haya is found to be pregnant but her Tayee, Taya and Hadi force her to live with them and leave Rameez.It is then shown that Haya is leaving for her Taya (Hadi's father) and Tai (Hadi's mother) house for some days according to a rasam.She is stunned to see Hadi married to Fareesa.Momina Duraid, Humayun Saeed, Shehzad Naseeb and written by, samira Fazal.Fareesa is really happy as she has finally got the life she dreamed for.He says that he is suffering from a headache and wants to rest.Main cast edit Supporting cast edit Soundtrack edit The Theme song of Alvida is written by Imran Raza, and composed by Sahir Ali Bagga, while background score is composed by Bilal Allah Ditta.Report Category Video contains prohibited deo violates deo is violating deo contains repulsive violationVideo contains sexual contentVideo is pending for deo contains spamVideo has disturbing deo file is corrupt and is not deo was deactivated by our moderator.She moves adventure island tickets 2014 to her house where she finds Hadi is moving to South Africa.
Meanwhile, Fareesa is living in Hadi's house and creates misunderstandings within the family.

She asks him that he is asking her to live with her husband, but before saying that he should first think about him and Fareesa and why they don't even live the same room, even when they are husband and wife.Hadi's mother tells her that it's a celebration and also tells her the reason behind.Part 2 edit Hadi holds himself responsible for Uroosa's death as he was the one operating on her.She asks him to not leave her and finally declares her love for him.But Fareesa tells him that she was talking to her mother.All the family members arrive at the hospital and they start praying for Haya's health.The note is from Haya and she has written on the note "Just for." Hadi smiles and begins eating point blank game philippines his lunch.It is found that Haya's child has died in the womb and she is suffering from excessive bleeding and needs blood.Haya's and Rameez's marriage take place.Haya runs out of her apartment while Rameez is chasing her when Hadi clashes with Haya and takes her to his house.She wants to get rid of Haya as she believes that Hadi will fall in love with Haya.
Rameez has a pistol in his hand and is pointing it towards Hadi.