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Black ops patch 1.14

black ops patch 1.14

Razorback Removed speed reduction while firing.
Rumble Resolved an issue where AI Scorestreaks would target enemies through the bunker in the arena.
Addressed a bug that allowed player control during the game over screen if they had been using a Der Wundersphere when the game ended.Argus Increased 1-hit kill range potential when hip-firing.Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Apocalypse, is dated for PS3 and PC, well be sure to let you know.Resolved an issue where picking up dropped weapons or the Uplink Satellite Drone would cause the players camera to jitter.Addressed an issue where Players were able to join a match in progress and receive a Leaderboard entry.Berserk Adjusted Free-For-All start spawns.Removed the color when the team is no longer being spectated.Addressed an issue where players could acquire an unlimited Death Machine power up after riding the dragon.Addressed an issue where players could acquire unlimited XP points when incubating the dragon egg.Added a button to switch Team 1s customization with Team.This will only occur for Players near the bolt.Codcaster, keyboard support implemented for codcaster hotkeys.Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, fixing multiplayer and zombies issues.Time window to obtain Tag and Bag Medals has been extended, and the Medals are now properly rewarded at the end of the Vision Pulse range.Fixed an issue where skull/gem counts would display the incorrect amount in the in-game menu.
Create-A-Class, general, weapons customized in Gunsmith and assigned in Create-A-Class will no longer lose their camouflage after restarting the application.
Deploy Ship Increased drone count per drop.

This update is now finally available for download.Battery, reduced Kinetic Armor earnrate, weapons Submachine Guns Kuda Reduced mac os x 10.7 lion multi-user screen sharing 1-hit kill range in Hardcore Mode.Fixed a bug causing the revive icon to stick to the players HUD after a host migration.Zetsubou No Shima Fixed an issue where the Thrashers stomach model would remain visible in the level after a Player had died while inside the stomach.Hardpoint Adjusted positioning of objective markers inside of the Hardpoint zone to be more centralized.Fixed bug where scoreboard on subsequent Redins Rally play through was not completely cleared out.
Pharo Removed speed reduction while firing.