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Compaq visual fortran 6.6 pro serial

compaq visual fortran 6.6 pro serial

Generate correct values for a parameter array whose element values are computed in an implied DO loop involving indexing into another parameter array.
The data type T_devmode along with a number of others now uses structure to nest unions directly in a data type definition.These new module headers are designed to work in both the 32-bit and b ram microprocessor pdf 64-bit environments.PDF versions of the revised Visual Fortran and Array Visualizer online html Help documentation and the Compaq Visual Fortran Installing and Getting Started are also provided (see Section.4 ).Correct bad parse.NE.This routine allows the user to clear the Intel floating point status register flag bits.F90mod to change the definition of wchar from 1.For example, for Visual Fortran.1, vfrun61i.exe is provided for x 86 systems and vfrun61a.exe is provided for Alpha systems.
Missing arguments and argument definitions have been added to fgluVertex3i.

(df2369) In list directed read's, transfers of complex input with repeat counts to non-complex I/O list items would repeat the input value one too many times.The underlying cause is a WIN32 bug with reading input from a console.Program gelsy, include 'cxml_include.For complex*16 results, special case ccos, cexp, clog, csin, csqrt to be type of arg; similarly for real*8 and alog, alog10.Fix /assume:dummy_aliases to the conflicts with other parameters, variables in common and in modules, and pointers/allocatables in common/modules.The following changes have been made to Developer Studio.0A since.0 shipped: Enhancements: You can associate a comment with a Fortran Environment when saving.Visual Fortran Standard Edition contains only the Compaq Array Viewer.For example, the read statement above could supply an ENDlabel where at label, a call to Sleep(0) causes the current thread to give up its priority and might allow a handler to execute.
If you receive "Unexpected error returned by Array Visualizer" when attempting to view an array from the debugger, please try the following.