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Dragon age origins 100 save game

dragon age origins 100 save game

GM: There is a Spanish conquistador.
If you choose the Deadpan Snarker option, Hawke can call Sebastian's campaign for revenge one of these as a joke, and Elthina will agree.
In Varric's Act 2 companion quest "Family Matters Bartrand reveals he sold the idol to a woman who "glittered like the sun, but whose heart was cold as ice".
In a more lighthearted example, Varric will also cop to this on occasion.Spikes of Villainy : Some very subtle ones: Meredith gets a new sword at the beginning of Act 3, right around the time she starts going off the deep end.Lord Renvil Harrowmont : Bhelen's reach is long.About This Game Ready to die?They do stand up straight when they want to be imposing, however.Bethany will help a Hawke who sided with the Templars, although she's understandably reluctant.It's a nice change from Origins, where Wardens whose families appear in their origin story often look nothing like their nearest relations.The basic twist is the other guys won, the rebels won.Foregone Conclusion : Hawke will become known as the Champion and will be involved in events that cause the Chantry to fall to pieces.Jerkass : A lot of characters come of this way in your dealings with them, but of all people Hawke ( especially a Snarky Hawke ) sometimes seems to act like a sociopathic walking schadenfreude.Never mind that, Isabela turns call backs into innuendo: Isabela: Does he Arl your Eamon?By the end of his story, Varric makes it clear that there was no single person masterminding events, but that everyone involved bears some responsibility and that events spiraled wildly out of anyone's control.Tattered Notebook Unobtainable via normal means The pages of this water stained and dirt encrusted notebook are falling out.
The DLC Mark of the Assassin adds another one if you bring Aveline (an Orlesian) along.

Cut-and-Paste Environments : A frequently cited complaint is that the dungeons and cave areas are all identical, but with various impassable doors thrown up to create a different flow.Very frequently, as critical hits that kill the target reduce them to flying chunks.Name Notes Description Black Grimoire Location: Senior Mage Quarters Plot Item A black leather-bound book with a tree on the cover.Even Flemeth of all people, freely admits that she really is fond of Hawke.Fighter, Mage, Thief : One such trio for each of Hawke's classes.A dowry would only matter if you were courting him!You Remind Me of X : One of the first things Anders says to Hawke is that they remind him of a friend (which is presumably the Warden).Zevran 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 1 4 x Duncan's Shield Duncan's Shield Gift The symbol of the Grey Wardens is emblazoned on this shield, which once belonged to Duncan.Sten Silver Medallion Silver Medallion Gift This silver necklace is adorned i choose you lyrics keyshia cole with a large silver medallion.The pages smell of herbs and wood smoke.
Depending on how you've handled this Act, this may very well occur right before the quest " All That Remains especially if you're not following any particular guide and just quest until you've no choice but to return home, and since they both take place.
The most blatant is getting a letter clearly labeled " Bait-and-Switch ".