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Problems saving games and configuration files Like many old titles, ToCA Race Driver 2 saves its game data and player profiles into the same folder as the game itself.We have not tested this however.However in our tests it seemed to cause the game to occasionally..
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English result elementary teacher's book

english result elementary teacher's book

Play the audio while students cornplete the ay it a second time for gta vice city ra one game for pc students to checkanswers.
Directstudents.r2to find the phrase(Seeyou).Elicitor explainthat this shortform is often usedin an email or text message.
Ffi Gothrough the conversatbn againand / Anita leff LondonChina British English.2Directstudentsto In thestreeton kaboutthe people, theyknoweachother?age 3 marital status 2 country of origin 6 home address telephone 8 email 5 passportnumber!Check answers as a class.Play the audio again and c language hindi pdf encourage students to read audio script.5on.t5t to check answers.AndWaleson the board and elicit which is the questionandwhich is the pairs, studentswrite the next three questionsfrom memory.They have the same maps, :t with six different places.?reparation -:ate the vocabulary in Placeson the map of Manchester.:adilly station.Write the letter e on the boardandthe following Iettersaroundit o,t,J h, t v,i, s,n,y.Put the times.I It s five to trvelve It ' nearlymidnight.Vet frcognition rcbulary lrycled irlgua8e vocabulary:married, single pronouns:he, she,they tronunciation!If you want to g:r,rr:- -: pronunciation practice, say the picture letter or point to a picture for students to call out the phrase.
One -:ent asksquestionsto show interest in the topic and to flnd out, t members of the other student'sfamily.?reparation - magazine pictures or prepare a list of names of well-known.-:rrity angkot the game pc gratis families your students might know.

Abcd Putit all together 16 If studentshavebroughtpicturesof their family into classthey canusethese, or they candraw a simplefamily udents Giveotherfamily words askand answerabout eachother'mindstudentsnot to usetheir notesor sentencesfrom exercise6 to helpthem.6 At twenty pastoneon Saturday./ On Saturdayat onetwenty.Cont8Et exercrse15 Fluemy exercrse15 Vocabulary exercisero I candescribepeople.Warmer l:aw three columns on the board.Givethreeexamplesof the sametype of word for studentsto saythe peatusingdifferent wordsand categories.Someare multinationals, so your students might recognize :he names:KFC(KentuckyFried Chicken, restaurant/fasI food HMV.-isMaster's Volce, music and record shop Starbuck's(caf, i Yates tub mifh (newsagent and book shop Superdrug(chemist's).Fl Listenfor information In this section, studentslisten and readconversationsfor speciflc information.Seeif studentscanrememberthe answer.(It'sat sixo'clock.)Studentsopentheir booksand go through the veor elicit a few moreexamples of eachtype of tlme udentsreadand completethe gappedrulesin eckanswers.7 Write a few of your students' names on the board rrithout capital k the classto identify the probier.Pronouns:l,my, you,your :.rswords eetings: hello, hi :.rsphrases greetings:Goodmorning/ afternoon.,Howareyou?, I'mf Seeyou later.,Sorry?,What'syour name?1Excuseme 2Thankyou 3 Please4 Sorry.3Gothrough the instructionsand playthe audio, pausing after eachphrasefor studentsto nitor and giveextra studentssoundfriendly.
Point to the pictures on the left, and explain or elicit that the words at the top of the columns are for young people, and the words at the bottom for older people.