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Film boboiboy episode 13

film boboiboy episode 13

Goat leave BoBoiBoy and Fang that want to work together to defeat Ejo.
Tok Aba gave him some his cocoa drink to him.
The robot shot him many time, but it not affected.He was worried and suddenly woke up from the terrible nightmare, BoBoiBoy come to him and Ochobot said that he save him after fainted (from Ejo Jo's punch) open mu speed hack and decided to hide in his quarter to provide Ejo Jo's visit.The word Apologize was written as Apologise.Could this be the end.Informations First time BoBoiBoy calls Adu Du "Mister Boss".BoBoiBoy told him that they will.This is the first time where BoBoiBoy's friends saw the Earth Golem (Ying, Yaya and Gopal didn't see it in Season 1, Episode 13 because they fainted after Mukalakus attacked them).When Petai was about to shoot them, the clouds turned darker and Fang release a giant Shadow Dragon and try to eat the robot.Probe in Adu Du's dream.
Yaya believes that BoBoiBoy and Fang will work together to save them idm terbaru 6.18 dan patch all which made Papa Zola very proud, but Ejo Jo shock them using the red electricity while saying "Awesome".
Season 2 Finale, season 2, Episode 13, official Title.

Team BoBoiBoy and, rintis Island Primary School as we know it?Plot, in, adu Du's Underground Headquarters, Adu Du was reviving, mukalakus and suddenly, Probe shocked him and brought.Third appearance of the Lawn Mower S8000 ( Season 2, Episode 10, Season 2, Episode 11 ).Ochobot decide to give up, but the boys punched him and he changed his mind and made a discussions.BoBoiBoy and, fang discussed in quarrel.The scene where Petai was unleashed from the spaceship was reused and shortened from the previous episode).But, he revolt and said that it's not a hotel.
Adu Du contacted Ejo Jo and told him that BoBoiBoy is in his headquarters, he walks towards the quarter and force BoBoiBoy to come out.
Fang's Shadow Dragon ate Petai.