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Find 3rd highest salary in sql server

find 3rd highest salary in sql server

To N) to a salary which is ordered in descending order (highest to lowest).
So looking at the data you have, let's rank them in order, and compare.
A much more intuitive way to write this query, in my opinion, is to use windowing functions like rank ROW_number or dense_rank (depending on whether or not you want ties).
This question tests a candidates knowledge of ranking functions, subqueries, common table expression (CTE) and basic SQL.Suppose we want to find out the nth hack iteme metin2 hammer largest salary among the given salaries so for this purpose we have to use sub query.Query.4 Finding the Employee with the Nth Highest Salary select EmployeeId, Salary from ( Select EmployeeId, Salary, ROW_number over(Order by Salary Desc) as Salary_Order from Employee ) DT where.Salary_Order 2 ; Here we are using the same logic used in Query.3 with the ROW_number function, but we are using Salary_order 2 to fetch second lowest salary.By running all three mentioned below queries we will get same result.e.I am writing 3 different ways of doing the same.OR 2nd method, to select 3rd highest salary or record we can use following query.1st method, to select 2nd highest salary or record we can use following query.I have run the below query in management studio and below is the result.Hence, the lowest salary will get row_number 1 and.Thus, 1 will be assigned to the highest salary, sql server 2000 standard edition maximum memory 2 to the second highest salary, and so on, using the derived table to fetch the row with row_number assigned.EmpID Salary How many *distinct* salaries are greater than this one?, so when n 4, the row that will be returned is EmpID 3 (54000).Based on what I have heard from friends and other online users and from my own personal experience, the most common job interview question for database programmers.Note that the third highest salary may be the same the the first highest salary so your current approach wouldn't work.Lets create an employee table and populate it with some test data.

You'll then have the top three of highest salaries and, thus, you also have the third highest salary (if there is one, a company may have two employees and then you wouldn't have a third highest salary).Salary_Order 1 ; The query above uses the derived table concept, where the subquery with row_number ranking function assigns a unique sequential number (1,2,3.The dense_rank function will assign consecutive numbers where there is a duplicate salary, so for the lowest salary (20000.00 it will assign the number 1 to both the salaries.Now I am going to insert 8 rows into this table by running below insert statement.Select top 1 salary from (select distinct top n salary from Employee order by salary desc) a order by salary.I have created a table named Emloyee by running the below script.So now it comes down to whether you want to include multiple rows in the case of a tie, and if not, if you want an arbitrary row or a specific row based on some criteria.Insert into Employee Values ( 107,45000.00 select EmployeeId, Salary, fROM select EmployeeId, Salary, dense_rank over(Order by Salary Desc) as Salary_Order from Employee ) DT, where.Lets have a look on the following example.Nth means you can specify any number, and the query will retrieve the salary at Nth number.
Query.3 Finding the Employee with the Second Highest Salary.
I am going to write down different queries to find out the nth highest value of a column.