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Game 102 dalmatians puppies to the rescue

game 102 dalmatians puppies to the rescue

Level: Cruella I : Cruella is attempting to catch you and prevent you from starting the stellar phoenix entourage recovery keygen "Barking Chain." Use pineapples on catapults (and extra help from the tower's bell) to force her into submission.
There's a stickerbook with cartoon pictures based on each level and the boss fights.
Roaring Rampage of Rescue : You play as Domino or Oddball as they fight through Cruella's facility to free all the dalmatians.Recycled In Space : The puppies were watching "Thunderbolt In space!" on TV, before a commercial break kicked off the plot.He Knows about Timed Hits : Whenever a tool needs to be explained to the player, the resident character openly tells you to use your action button to operate.Sings the funky "Cruella De Vil" in the movie ' 102 Dalmatians and on the 2000 Disney Soundtrack Album.Jack-in-the-Box - Encountered in the Regent's Park, Lumber Mill and Toy Factory levels.Checkpoints within a level are places where the player will be sent back if you lose a life, and are marked by a parrot named Waddlesworth.Damn You, Muscle Memory!Approximately 20 years, my sweet.Contents show, synopsis, the game itself follows the film's storyline loosely.Level 16: Toy Factory : Fluffy is there to get you through this crazy place so you can get to Cruella.Devil - Encountered in the Carnival, Countryside and De Vil Manor levels.Button Mashing : On the roller coaster in the carnival level, you have to do this to speed up the car in order to hit every target that passes on the rails in front of you, before returning to the start.
Gosh Dang It to Heck!

The PS1, Dreamcast and PC game provides examples of: 100 Completion : Collecting all the bones in a level provides an optional flyby sequence for that level, and gives you one of the stickers.If you're used to flight simulators where the down key pitches your aircraft up while the up key pitches it down (due to mimicking flight stick controls you might be briefly confused by the water gun minigame in the Toy Store level, where.The henchmen end up deserted on an island, and Cruella ends up in a jail cell, still glued to Farzboom.Glass Cannon : Many of the toys can be easily destroyed by a single close-range bark or by rolling into them.Produce Pelting : Each boss fight involves the use of flinging Edible Ammunition at Cruella whilst dodging her own projectiles, most of the time by the use of catapults.Appearances As the two main protagonists, Oddball and Domino appear throughout the entire game (depending on which the player chooses, of course).And Le Pelt from 102 Dalmatians.The Game Boy Color game provides example of: Platform Game : The gameplay.Bulldozer - Encountered in the Lumber Mill and Barnyard levels.In the film, although Domino and his brothers and sisters were dognapped, Oddball was not.With the exception of Domino (who is still referred to by his sister as Oddball in his dialogue) and Crystal the snow bunny, all the other characters are played by placeholder voices.
In the first two, Cruella's custom-made vehicles fire tomatoes at you, while you have to launch pineapples and watermelons back at her, and the third pits her water balloons against pumpkins.