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Hearthstone hunter deck guide 2014

hearthstone hunter deck guide 2014

A new Hero takes position.
Cenarius was thought to be pretty useless for his cost.TB_firefest_first Mini-Rag gains attack when he incinerates a minion!Minions should only be traded to protect against backstabs, or as a last resort to maintain the board.It is up to the player to utilize these choices based on the current pocket metas that are formed throughout the day/week.Loves weapons, and Yogg-Saron.Error messages received when searching the Collection Manager are now more helpful.Match ups (Mulligans) - In this section I will be providing a general strategy as well as match ups for only the most impactful classes in the meta, as they will be the majority of our opponents.Deathwing and Bloodmage Thalnos have finally learned how to make an entrance.Hunter - Spy Stalker: The grandmaster of secrets.

5/8 for 9 mana that gave your minions 2/2 or two 2/2 taunts seemed good until people tried playing him and at 9 with the more powerful minions Druids have at 5, 7 and 8 mana, the chance of buffing more than 1 creature with.Being able to trade this minion while receiving a hand buff on curve is extremely powerful.Hunters can't buff him, but their style kind of runs out of steam when they're about to kill the opponent anyways and 6 damage is more damage than they can do alone with anything.New Card Backs, one new card back has been added; The June Seasonal reward, Might of Dalaran.The course of history for this card has changed as people began to develop decks that were much harder to simply clear.Puzzle 4 - Beasts, Beasts and more Beasts!Last year, the Friendly Feud allowed players to complete quests when they played with a friend.Turns 4 we want to be ramping our minions with either Houndmaster, Crackling Razormaw, or even your other Animal Companion (as this has a 66 chance to roll for more damage).Intro, hello, and welcome to my deck/guide!Deck Importing Its now possible to copy and import Hearthstone decklists!
The majority of this meta is dominated by dead disc doctor 1.32 keygen 3 health minions early game (I won't list each classes cards here, but just go through the other class deck lists).
Official Notes" from In this Hearthstone update were adding some nifty features like Deck Importing, golden card stacking in decklists, allowing you to complete quests with friends fritzbox 7390 msn einrichten all the time, and more.