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League of legends patch 3.15

league of legends patch 3.15

Removed a sentence in pop up blocker windows 8.1 firefox the Understand the Champion section and removed a tip in the Tips/Tricks on playing Evelynn section due the recent changes to Evelynn.
However i will always try to keep this guide updated every day.
Yes, her kit just makes it really annoying to play against her, these changes just made it so tank evelynn isn't that good anymore and it will force people to build damage to be usefull.
Aurelion Sol will bring some interesting gameplay thanks to his passive ability called Center of the Universe.Added an update to the Thanks!Good luck with your Evelynn games :D.(I honestly forgot about this guy LOL) : - Redid the whole Item section.Edited some tekst in the Understand the champion section under the heading Ganking.Changed some of the jungle routes in the Jungle clear routes section.Added Dead Man's Plate to the Items section.Removed Sheen from the Items section.Changed the end builds and added Lich Bane in the Items section.Make sure to pink the bushes close to the lane where you're camping to get control for easier ganking and to be sure that there is one dimensional two phase flow wallis pdf no enemy pink in that bush.Updated the Items section to appeal to the current meta.Added author notes to the Items section and edited the description of some items.Updated the.Updated most of the sections.Added a new section called Recent changes to Evelynn explained.As Riot continue to develop the game and release more champions, its only inevitable that theyll rework new champions in the future.

Evelynn herself is a very mobile champion, you will 9/10 times always hit your Hate Spike because you can get close to an enemy very well with stealth, Dark Frenzy and with the ms bonus on hit with Dark Frenzy.Added Frozen Heart to the Items section, and added it to the author notes.Added Elixer of Brilliance to the Items section with description.Updated the Early Game, Mid Game, Late Game sections.Changed the Offensive Core build in the Items section.Edited some of the description in the Masteries section.Feedback is also appreciated.Updated a couple of builds in the Items section and edited the description of some items.Mundo and Lee Sin matchup.
Be carefull for counter ganks tho, they can mess your early game or your whole game pretty hard so you have to know where their jungler.