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Maya banks sweet surrender epub

maya banks sweet surrender epub

Micah took one of her hands and pulled her arm above her head.
She glanced warily down at Grays empty parking place and hoped he stayed tied up at the job for another half hour like he was supposed.
If it was only about sex, then yes, she could forget this crazy plan and go home with Micah right now.Faith is sweet and feminine, everything Gray wants and desires in a woman, but 3dmark05 registration code key he suspects she's playing games.I can mark at least one fantasy off my list.She didnt have to wait long.So tempted to take the easy road.
You surprise me, Faith, he finally said when he moved to her other leg.
So she takes matters into her own hands to prove to him it's no game she's playing.

Hes going to be home soon, and Id rather he not find you here.So here she sat, the next day, waiting for everyone to leave the office so she could sneak Pops spare key to Grays apartment.She gazed helplessly at him, confused, aroused and curious about the promise she saw reflected in his dark eyes.Micah wanted her, seemed to understand what she wanted.She shuddered and arched her body.It had unfolded in exacting detail along with her smug assuredness that it just had to work.A man would go crazy to have such sweet submission.She thrust it at Micah, and he uncoiled it as she started to slip her clothing off.Micahs finger rolled lazily around her clit.
I hope you find what it is you want, he said.
Well, I guess the reward of this venture is getting to see you naked.