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Parts of the human brain explained

parts of the human brain explained

Cerebellum Injury Problems, inability to coordinate movement, inability to walk.
This region is a coordinating center for movement. .
Your Human Brain If monkeys have most of the uninstall msxml 4.0 sp2 and soap toolkit 3.0 basic wiring in the brain that humans have, what separates you from them?
How does the brain communicate within itself? .It is separated into two hemispheres, a right and a left one.Hippocampus, this part of the brain, which is named for its resemblance to a seahorse, is the seat of our spatial working memory. .Doctors use computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI and other x-rays and specialized tests to locate injury in the brain and to predict which functions have been impaired or lost.So chimps have relatively bigger muscles, while humans have relatively bigger brains.The connections between the neurons there are much tighter.It controls much of who we are as a person. .Smart Chimp: I have four words for you: Planet of the Apes its a documentary.This allows them to do much more than just work based on instinct.This means that huge amounts of carbohydrates (as well as other nutrients ) need to be channelled into the brain very often.Although the surface looks the same, the various lobes do games still when your xbox is off have very different functions: Occipital Lobe - contains the visual cortex, so it is mainly concerned with our ability to see.The fact that you can see and know what you see is due to actions performed in the occipital lobe.
We can talk, walk, pick things up and put them down because of the cerebellum.
It also works together with all the other lobes and different parts of the brain in a number of things, for example with the parietal lobe, it helps you in reading comprehension (so the fact that you can understand what you are reading right now.

Your eyes are scanning the screen, looking at the letters, combining them into words and sentences and giving meaning to them.Temporal lobe You are sitting in a chair in your room, when suddenly your dad yells for you to get him a beer.Well, the following is an explanation of the parts of the brain and their functions.You probably see different things and different colors.Yet Brocas area is more than 6 times larger in humans than chimpanzees, notes Natalie Schenker, a neuroscientist now at the University of California, San Diego, who led the study along with Sherwood.If you show a four-year-old child a case where somebody is solving a puzzle box in an inefficient way, they cannot override the information that they got.Each brain region is responsible for a variety of functions, and injury to any of these regions impairs specific functions.The biggest difference between human and chimp brains is in the frontal part of the brain.All sensory information - whether a sense of touch or sensations from the skin - passes through the thalamus. .Since now you know which side stores which type of memory, do you now understand why some the right-side (creative).Occipital lobe Look around you.