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Simple vlookup excel 2010 example

simple vlookup excel 2010 example

If you found the video and article helpful share it with three or more of your colleagues and friends using the sharing buttons on this page, or email this link directly to them Get Free Updates Learn how to use Excel and VBA and stay.
And if you were to change the value to cell C4 from Full Name to Department, the vlookup formula in cell C5 dynamically knows to look up the Department instead of the Full Name.
What Ill do is go Control C pacman games for windows 7 for copy, and Control Alt V for paste special because I dont want to overwrite the formatting, so Im going to select paste formulas.As you copy the formula across, you notice that the range stays fixed on column B, so it stays at B9, but as I copy it across the second part of the range changes to C9, then D9, then E9, then F9 and finally.As usual I have included a sample workbook with a table of fictional employee data for you to download and follow along with the examples.In order to follow along with the video and article please download the Sample Workbook vlookup_Employee_Table.Welcome to Excel 2010: Advanced Formulas and Functions.The sample download workbook contains slightly different cell references compared to the workbook used in the video, but the data itself is identical and provides a convenient way for you to practise your vlookup formulas.In the formula bar, type.The next video show you how to use vlookup to change a students numeric score into a letter grade, by using the Approximate Match option.Were going to have a look at three different ways to write vlookup formulas.I will just select the data.Its, excel vlookup week, as announced on the, microsoft Excel teams website.When the formula is copied across to the right, you can see the results are 2, 3, 4, 5 and.But its also going to use the function columns with an array, and I explain that later, with a false at the end for an exact match.You see weve got employee full name, SSN, department, start date, and earnings for each of these employees.
Its by no means a comprehensive list, but covers a few fundamental errors: Using columns function (Method 2) when the order of your lookup table headers does not match the order of your data table headers (e.g.
Note that if you change the values in row 4, the vlookup formulas in row 5 dynamically update to lookup up the correct column.

Vlookup Week in November 2010, so I guess it only comes around every 18 months or so dont miss.Heres an example of using the approximate match in vlookup, to convert student percentage grades to letter grades.Match function use the match function to specify column index number.B9:E9 ) Specify the array used inside the columns function as B:C9 The last argument in the vlookup formula is the range_lookup, and I set that to false for an exact match.Heres a brief list of things that could go wrong with your dynamic vlookup formulas.The sale starts at 11 AM Eastern time today, and lasts 24 hours only.If you find that you cant use this workbook on your version of Excel, please let us know using the comment section below.