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Subtitle gu family book episode 7

subtitle gu family book episode 7

But I do get why shes drawn to Kang-chi if he goes out of his way to help others while Gon never once strays from what hes ordered.
Is that a reason to shrivel up and hide like your life is over?Took you long enough.I wonder if they used Kang-chi as bait to see what Jo Gwan-woongs intentions were, or more as a test of Kang-chis own loyaltyrisky, but rather effective in any case.I do hope theyre going to do something different with Chung-jo, because right now shes just Seo-hwa redux, without the fire.She cries as she shovels the food into her mouth, knowing what she just gave up for this bowl reset administrator password mac os lion of rice.He pokes at Kang-chis bracelet with a smile.Not caring that Tae-seo walked up with a sword in his hand is one thing (everyone here carries one, sure) but the amount of time the entire yard full of armed warriors spent rubbernecking was starting to get silly.Soo-ryun finds Chung-jo asleep in the yard late that night, after rewashing the giant load of laundry.I just hope this means hell be staying at martial arts school where hell be roommies with Gon?Choi Kang-chi is in danger!Dont forget your name.
Yeo-wool doesnt see how theyre going to move that much silver right under Jo Gwan-woongs nose, but Master Dam has a plan.

Teacher Gong sidles up to him to say that he heard a rumor about Kang-chi being close to Lee Soon-shin, and hooks him into a wager, betting that he cant prove that theyre close.I think were setting the stage for Soo-ryuns redemption through her, but so far theres little to separate her from retreading Seo-hwas story.Tae-seo thinks its too dangerous even for Yeo-wool, and she raises an eyebrow at that comment.Yeo-wool: But finding out whats going on, whats happening to him right nowthat should be first.But hes overcome with rage at the thought of his familys suffering at the hands of Jo Gwan-woong, and loses control, roaring, I want to kill him.Not to worry thoughtheres still a spot of life-threatening violence to keep things interesting, not only for Kang-chi but for Yeo-wool as well, who finds that staying out of Kang-chis business is becoming harder and harder to do, the more she cares.When it came off, his wounds healed over instantly.Lee Soon-shin says that in a world where people are constantly giving up the things that make them human, Kang-chi is fighting to become one.Comments Well thank goodness there was a plan.