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What this means is that contrast and color are the two pillars of HDR technology and the new development in 4K TVs is aimed squarely at enhancing both to the maximum possible degree.No displays can currently handle 10K bits and 12-bt color is still not..
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The monkey and the turtle story moral lesson

the monkey and the turtle story moral lesson

I guess there's not much to do but pick up the photo into sketch photoshop cs5 pieces and try all over again.
When everything was ready, he told the Turtle to choose whether he should die in the fire or be "grounded" in the mortar.
A fable is a short story, usually using animal chracters to represent human types, and always ends with a moral or a lesson. .
When the monkey came down, he hurt himself and began to bleed. ."I too am hungry said the Monkey; "and since we are both hungry, let us go together and hunt food for our stomachs' sake.".What's a little bleeding from a few cuts? .He sat on the shell for a long time, suffering from his wounds, and wondering where to find the Turtle,-his former friend, but now his enemy."Let us divide it said the tortoise and plant each of portion.He came up to the surface of the water and mocked at the Monkey, saying, "This is my home.Monkey replied the tortoise gratefully.

But as I am very generous, I will let you choose your death. .And going to the shore, he threw the tortoise in the water. .Our little primer even had a picture of the tortoise placing the thorns on the trunk of the banana tree to hurt the devious monkey.Shall I pound you in a mortar, or shall I throw you into the water?He picked up the Turtle by the neck and carried him near the riverbank, where he meant to kill him.But the monkey did suffer worse than that; the monkey suffered a great loss of face, his ego was demolished by a weaker and smaller creature. .Does it teach us that is is okay to tell a white lie as Tortoise does, when she said that is afraid to drown? .