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The vampire diaries season 4 episode 7 direct

the vampire diaries season 4 episode 7 direct

Edit, storyline, in order to speed up the slayer tattoos which contain the key to the cure, Stefan needs Jeremy to kill, hence even supplies a caught murderer.
They both think there is something fishy about him.
Jeremy is missing so Matt steps in for him as April's escort.
Stefan is the woods, the episode starts nda sample paper 2013 pdf with, caroline making arrangements naruto shippuden episode jiraiya vs pain subtitle indonesia for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant while talking.They tell her to wear the blue while Damon arrives asking for Prof.Damon and Elena share a drink and she tells him that she wanted to dance with him today.Jeremy had a nightmare about killing Elena and wakes up with a knife and a stake in his hand.Stefan answers vaguely leading to Damon to comment 'I see shady Stefan is back'.See more » Soundtracks Ordinary World (uncredited) Performed by Vitamin String Quartet See more ».It doesn't turn you into a completely different person.He tries to compel Jeremy to tell him how much the hunter's mark has grown, but Jeremy refuses to tell him and stakes him in the stomach saying he can no longer be compelled.Matt tells him it must be because he is a hunter and that if Jeremy doesn't tell Elena, he will.Caroline tells her Stefan is heartbroken.Stefan refuses to come along.Elena tells them about Jeremy's nightmares.Tyler does not want to go to the event, but Hayley convinces him to take her.Meanwhile, Stefan is shown in the hospital searching through rooms till he comes across a ruthless killer who is admitted there.The episode ends with a hot steamy love making scene between Damon and Elena.Damon changes the subject again offers to go with him drinking if he needs some quality time.

Matt is Elena's date and Jeremy.Tells him that even if they get the map the cure, the cure has to be opened by a spell by a Bennett witch and Damon needs him alive to get Bonnie's powers back.Caroline is wondering what is wrong with Elena and Klaus says she'll figure it out.At the event Caroline asks Elena if she is sure this is what she wants, calling Stefan her soul mate.They see Caroline Klaus share another sweet moment.Caroline is shocked and says she will try and talk some sense in to Elena.Important: You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.
She says she doesn't want the cure at the cost of Jeremy's humanity.