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Ultraviolet waves used everyday life

ultraviolet waves used everyday life

It is also used for television remote controls and in optical fibre optical fibre : A fine glass fibre, through which light travels by total internal reflection, from one end to the other.
So a UV detector can detect fires, while not being set off by sunlight.
Getting plenty of sunlight is therefore important for good health.Effects, ultraviolet radiation has both positive and negative effects on the human body.Ultraviolet can be used in fire detection.DNA readily no game no life piano cover absorbs UV-B radiation, which commonly changes the shape of the molecule in one of several ways.Some effects have been studied, but much remains to be learned. We produce, uV lamps for virtually any application, and some of the technology we use is exclusive.Ultraviolet B radiation, harmful to living organisms, represents a small portion of the spectrum, from 290 to 320 nanometer wavelengths.
As a result, distorted proteins can be made, or cells can die.
LightSources and LightTech is one of the premier light bulb suppliers in the industry.

Yet UV radiation at different wavelengths differs in its effects, and we have to live with the harmful effects as well as the helpful ones.Scientific concern over ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere has prompted extensive efforts to assess the potential damage to life on Earth due to increased levels of UV-B radiation.This is important because ultraviolet radiation can cause normal cells to become cancerous.Electromagnetic radiation exists in a range of wavelengths, which are delineated into major divisions for our convenience.The illustration below illustrates one such change in shape due to exposure to UV-B radiation.The sun is our main source of ultraviolet, though the more dangerous wavelengths of ultraviolet are absorbed by the atmosphere, particularly the.