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Visual studio 2010 keyboard shortcuts

visual studio 2010 keyboard shortcuts

Commands, keyboard Shortcuts wDiagram, ctrl, CtrlN, build, commands, keyboard Shortcuts ildSolution.
TSqlEditorResultsAsText CtrlD, T CtrlD, E CtrlD, A CtrlD, R TSqlEditorCloneQuery CtrlAltN TSqlEditorDatabaseCombo quick heal windows 7 64 bit ShiftAltPgDn Commands Keyboard Shortcuts SQL.Run project code CtrlF9 Commands Keyboard Shortcuts artxsltdebugging AltF5 artxsltwithoutDebugging CtrlAltF5 Commands Keyboard Shortcuts ttomtoTop AltUp Arrow GraphView.Visual Studio 2015, the new home for Visual Studio documentation.Analyze, navigate Backward, shiftAlt3, navigate Forward, shiftAlt4.Ctrl-Shift-G, opens the file whose name is under the cursor or is currently selected.For console applications, this also arranges for the console window to stay open with a "Press any key to continue" prompt when the program finishes F11 Executes code one statement at a time, tracing execution into function calls Shift-F11 Executes the remaining lines.For a list of common keyboard shortcuts and other productivity information, see.CtrlShiftK, ctrlE, C, remove, del, rename,.F1Help F1 ewHelp CtrlF1 Help.You can also customize your shortcuts by assigning a different shortcut to any given command.F8, moves the cursor to the next item, for example in the TaskList window or Find Results window.RighttoLeft AltLeft Arrow ptoBottom AltDown Arrow movefromWorkspace Delete owContentModelView Ctrl2 owGraphView Ctrl3 owStartView Ctrl1 Image Editor for Icons Using IntelliSense Show: Inherited Protected.Displays the Print dialog, f7, switches from the design view to the code view in the editor.Icons Ctrl3 ages Ctrl2 Resources.Text selection Shortcut Description Shift-Left Arrow Moves the cursor to the left one character, extending the selection Shift-Alt-Left Arrow Moves the cursor to the left one character, extending the column selection Shift-Right Arrow Moves the cursor to the right one character, extending the selection Shift-Alt-Right.TextTool CtrlT eSelectionasBrush CtrlU Image.
CtrlK, CtrlU, insert Code Snippet.

CtrlM, CtrlO, toggle Designer and Markup, shiftF7.Click here for details - Instant Access - Instant Download Company Customers Community Reference Guides Our Products.Watch2 CtrlAltW, 2 Debug.QuickInfo CtrlK, CtrlI verseIncrementalSearch CtrlShiftI rollLineDown CtrlDown Arrow rollLineUp CtrlUp Arrow lectCurrentWord CtrlW lectionCancel Escape lectToLastGoBack Ctrl owCodeLensMenu Alt opHidingCurrent CtrlM, CtrlU opOutlining CtrlM, CtrlP Edit.Default Keyboard Shortcuts in Visual Studio.Recommended: Click here to repair Windows problems optimize system performance.Underline CtrlU dContentPage CtrlM, CtrlC lumntotheLeft CtrlAltLeft Arrow lumntotheRight CtrlAltRight Arrow wAbove CtrlAltUp Arrow wBelow CtrlAltDown Arrow TNonvisualControls CtrlShiftN View.Analyze, commands, keyboard Shortcuts vigateBackward, shiftAlt3 vigateForward, shiftAlt4, architecture.Alt-Left Arrow, go back in the web browser history.Visual Studio 2017 Documentation.(For example, acbd becomes abcd.) Available only in text editors Ctrl-K, Ctrl-L Removes all unnamed bookmarks in the current document Ctrl-M, Ctrl-O Automatically determines logical boundaries for creating regions in code, such as procedures, and then hides them.
StMembers CtrlK, L or CtrlK, CtrlL or CtrlJ rameterInfo CtrlK, P or CtrlK, CtrlP or CtrlShiftSpacebar Edit.
TSqlEditorResultsAsText CtrlD, T CtrlD, E CtrlD, A CtrlD, R TSqlEditorCloneQuery CtrlAltN TSqlEditorDatabaseCombo ShiftAltPgDn Command Keyboard Shortcut PageInspector.